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Thrifted Clothes and Cupcakes Make Me Happy

While indulging in a few of my favorite things, I wore a few of my favorite things - african print head scarf, a vintage jacket, and thrifted jeans.

I cleaned out my fabric stash and discovered scraps of one of my favorite pieces of cloth. I made a dress 7 years ago and held on to the remnants thinking I could piece together a skirt. That never happened but there was a square piece perfect for a wrapping hair up.

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I bought the vintage jacket at Diva Diva Boutique in Alpharetta. I was going to wear it as a crop top but when I raise my arms my bra peeks out. Instead of worrying about over exposure, I put a tank underneath and wear it as it was intended.

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I love these bell bottom jeans. The high waist and vintage vibe along with the comfy addition of spandex have made these one of my favorite thrift store finds.

cupcakes and canvases at kupcakerie in east point, ga

I've lived in Atlanta two years now. I've been real lazy about exploring my newish town. I'm a tad homesick for Chicago and missing everything that was so familiar to me. I decided it was time to put away my tiny violin,  live in the moment and start loving the city I actually live in.

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When Kupcakerie in East Point posted the Cupcakes & Canvases event on Facebook, I committed to going. It really doesn't get any better than creating, cupcakes and wine. That's like three of my top things to do. All packed into a two hour class.

My cupcake masterpiece did not turn out quite like I wanted it to. It's way more emo than I was going for. I still had a good time. I was with my best friend. There was wine.  I had a cupcake. It was a great win for a girls night out.

emo cupcake

How was your weekend? 

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The Details
ankara fabric - Kenya
earrings - Kenya
white tank - Walmart
vibrant m.i.u jeans - thrift store
wabags afro girl tote - thrift store
metallic pink mules - Topshop

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