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10 Fashionable Movies to Watch on a Sewing Binge

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If case you haven't noticed, I've been rebuilding my relationship with my sewing machine.  I taught myself how to sew and it gave me such a feeling of pride and accomplishment to turn flat fabric into something wearable. Before blogging and before Violet, I would spend hours holed up in a room sewing. Thanks to the world of streaming, I can now watch movies that feed my creative process and keep me motivated when binge sewing.

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It's hard to find a large chunk of time to devote to sewing but when I do,  I settle in with a good movie that inspires me to be creative and motivates me to keep going. These are my favorites:

1. Devil Wears Prada Girl lands a dream job working for a very difficult boss at a fashion magazine. The gig turns out to be a nightmare. A very stylish nightmare.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn is as chic as chic can be in clean, simple lines that are still as stylish as they were in this 1960s movie.

3. Mahogany Struggling fashion designer Tracy (Diana Ross) has ups, downs, and a psycho fashion photographer. Of course, played by the original psycho Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).

4. Sex and the City The SATC girls remain stylish throughout this movie and into the sequel.

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5. Pretty in Pink High school outcast with her own style and a gift for refashioning and reworking old clothes.

6. Gatsby As a lover of vintage, I just adore the art deco touches in dress and decor in this movie. There is much to be appreciated in the Redford and DiCaprio version of this movie.

7. Iris The true life story of 94 year old style maven Ms. Iris Apfel. She is the queen of "do you" when it comes to fashion. 

8. Hunger Games Katniss and her crew manage to squeeze in some fabulous pieces while fighting for their lives as tribute.

9. Babyface Woman engages in questionable behavior climbing her way to the top of the corporate ladder all while dressed in the fiercest outfits.

10. Cinderella The vivid colorful ensembles of Ella and her step family are gorgeous to look at while indulging in this classic children's fairytale.

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Since I'm catching a movie along with my sewing, I'm hogging up a lot of our data. As a tax refund treat to myself I upgraded my Walmart Family Mobile plan. Not only do I receive unlimited talk, text, & data but I'm also receiving 10GB of 4G LTE data. My plan also includes a free VUDU movie (up to $7 value) every month that I can stream on my tablet. All for $49.88. That's a major savings when compared to my previous plan.

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The plan is really easy to activate. I went to Walmart and purchased an LG Leon LTE and a Starter Kit. The slim phone is super affordable at $49.82. It's on rollback and was originally $99.82. The starter kit was $25 and includes a SIM that can be activated online or by calling WFM. Within minutes, I was all set to enjoy my new data and continue on with the sewing binge.

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What are your favorite fashion movies? How do you use your data?

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/2-ovk or your local Walmart for current pricing.

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