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Thrift Style Fashion Thing

My 80's denim skirt is broken in and comfortable with fun details like a faux front pocket and a metal designer tag. It sits high on the waist with a long zip fly. ''Fashion is what people tell you to wear. Style is what comes from your own inner thing.''


I happened upon the quote in researching info about the 80s vintage skirt. The words are Pauline Trigère and the skirt is Trigère Sport for Schrader.  It speaks to my own style "inner thing".


Ms. Trigère was quite the designing beast and her pieces fetched a pretty penny. For example, a 1970s Pauline Trigère Wool Coat valued at $750. My sport denim skirt is surely not worth that amount and I certainly didn't pay $300 at Goodwill for it but I knew it had a rich history.


The tee is a thrift store find too. Such an easy way to get in touch with my inner biker chic. I've ridden on a motorcycle before and it panics me now just thinking about it. They're cool when they aren't moving.

It was such a scary experience for me. What was I thinking? That was in my 20s. Now, I'm much more discerning about what's worth putting my courage pants on for.


I completed the 70s inspired look with purple ombre tint vintage sunglasses. Forget pink, I want a Violet colored world.

The straw bag is from thrift cardio as well. I have a thing for straw bags and I've never seen an orange one so that means it's important to my purse collection. I go a little too hard with thrift store purses, sunglasses, and scarves.


Wedge sandals are Seychelles via Amazon. They're like walking on air.  I love that I can be 5" taller and still walk normally -- possibly run. I would need the motivation of a bear behind me but I could totally do it.

What's your style inner thing?


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