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Thrift + Style: Neon Skirt

My mama hooked me up with this neon skater skirt. She wore it once for a retro party at her retirement community and was done with it so she shipped it to me. She told me she was sending me a mini skirt but I had no idea it would be this awesome.

neon skirt worn with denim shirt

I wore it last week to Liptstick and High Heels, a party hosted by Trina of Baby Shopaholic. I had a great time meeting online friends in real life. You can see pics from the event on instagram #lipsandheels.

denim shirt worn with neon skirt

Thrift Tips

ideas for neon skirt outfit

If you have a spicy mama like mine, check her closet.

Given the brightness of this skirt, it shouldn't be to hard to spot in a thrift store.

As this is a super current trend, you may have better luck in a chain consignment store like Crossroads Trading or Buffalo Exchange.

You can easily turn a thrifted white skirt into a neon skirt with a DIY dye job!

Style Tips

red beaded necklaces worn with a neon skirt

A skirt this bright doesn't need much. White, black, animal print or denim basics all work on top.

Be care when opting for brightly colored printed top unless you're going for a 90s look.

Crop tops and a skater skirt. Match made in trend heaven.

There's no low key way to wear a neon skirt. Be prepared for a ton of compliments.

Visit my skater skirt pinterest board for more inspiration and style ideas.

wearing neon skirt sitting on motorcycle
THRIFT red bead necklaces - bracelets - vintage Carlo Fiori of Italy snakeskin clutch - J. Crew perfect denim shirt - ing neon skirt EBAY Gianni Binni sandals GIFT Akira sunglasses

pipe cleaner curls on dreads

*** in other news ***

Did you know Google+ could do this? It took a bunch of my photos and put them in motion. Mind blown.

what to wear with neon skirt

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