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PowerUp Your Smile and Make Friends

As part of a sponsored post for Social Fabric, I got a month's worth of brush strokes in a day with the Philips Sonicare PowerUp toothbrushMy smile has been powered up literally and figuratively! BlogHer, the mother of all blogging conferences, was here in Chicago. Along with the conference came lots of events and opportunities to meet new people. Yikes.

philips powerup elecric toothbrush #shop  #cbias

That's the scary business for me with that whole socially awkward thing. What to do in situations such as this?

My coping technique is to smile. Smiling puts me and others at ease and attracts people to you. People feel comfortable enough to approach you and start a conversation. Put that in your file shy peeps..single but looking peeps too.

sonicare powerup sponsored #cbias #shop

I try to take care of my smile. I will admit that I was kind of a lazy brusher until I started wearing braces. Because of the brackets and wires, there are more hiding places for plaque and decay so you simply cannot be slack about dental hygiene. Flossing used to be a chore I shirked many times always. Same thing with brushing before bed. Now I brush at least 3 times a day plus daily floss and fluoride rinse.

Sonicare PowerUp #shop #cbias

I have done my nightly brush and flouride treatment only to wake up, brush and find a green fleck of spinach on the toothbrush. Yeah, all of that brushing and I still had food stuck to my teeth using a manual toothbrush.

smile with sonicare powerup #shop  #cbias

Last week, I found Sonicare's PowerUp electric toothbrush. I had looked at electric toothbrushes before at the beginning of my braces journey but the prices were pretty steep. I was glad to find Sonicare's new battery powered toothbrush at Walmart at the very reasonable price of $20* (with tax) at Walmart. 

power electric toothbrush #shop  #cbias

I started out using it for my nightly brush only. I had to adjust to the awesome power of the electric toothbrush. After a couple of days, I went all in and ditched** my manual brush and never looked back. I love how clean my teeth feel and I haven't woken up with last night's meal on my brush either. 

sonicare electric toothbrush under $20 #shop  #cbias

The vibration of the brush is really strong. All I have to do it gently glide the brush across my teeth and braces. The toothbrush also has a built-in timer and shuts off after 2 minutes. I find that useful since I may or may not be on instagram multitasking while I'm brushing my teeth.

I can rest assured that when the braces come off in 2.5 years my teeth with be straight, strong, and healthy using my PowerUp toothbrush and I will still be able to use the power of my smile to attract and make new friends.

Visit Sonicare on Twitter for additional updates and info and visit my Google+ album to see more gratuitous selfie pics of my Sonicare PowerUp smile!

How do you PowerUp your smile? Manual or electric?

*** in other news ***

Visit Sonicare on FB for a funny video on the evolution of the toothbrush.

*Check out your local Sunday newspaper on 8/4 for a $5 off coupon for any (1) Sonicare PowerUp battery operated toothbrush.

**the DIY'er in me turned my manual toothbrush into a jewelry cleaning brush!

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

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