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DIY Ankara Print Sandals

Because of my deep affection of all things ankara, I gave an old pair of thrifted peep-toe sandals a new look by covering them in a yummy african print fabric.

african print fabric sandals

I've had these thrifted sandals a while and I haven't worn them nearly enough. I love peep-toes. The color is perfectly nude and can go with just about anything. However, I thought it would be fun to brighten them up with a touch of ankara print.


I thrifted a three piece ankara print outfit. It came with a top, a basic wrap skirt and a rectangular piece of fabric to be used as a head wrap. The skirt and the wrap went directly into my fabric stash for future sewing projects.

cover shoes with african print fabric

I feel very accomplished because it didn't take a super long time for me to actually start working on this one. I had everything I needed and in under an hour I had ankara print sandals!

old shoes
fabric at least a ½ yard
mod podge (NOTE: If you have fabric glue, you can try that instead. For some unknown reason it refused to stick for me.)
x-acto knife
clothespins (optional)

diy ankara print shoes

Step 1: Cut out enough fabric to generously cover the shoe piece you are covering. Apply mod podge to shoe. Position fabric over shoe. Press fabric into glue and smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 2: Trim away excess fabric leaving about ¼" of excess fabric all around. You will need to cut into the fabric vertically to get fabric to lay flat around curves. Tuck excess fabric inside of shoe and mod podge in place.


Step 3: Use an x-acto knife to trim fabric very close to sole edge. Seal it all together with a coat of mod podge and allow to dry. 

Step 4: Use clothespins or paperclips to hold the inner fabric in place while it dries.

This is not my first shoe covering. Last time I covered the heels on my favorite pair of wedges. I'm obviously taking the long way to covering an entire shoe.

Have you covered shoes before?

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