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The Beaters Remixed

I am happy to report that the Beaters makeover is DONE. I feel so accomplished.  I have a lot of half finished crafts out there. This made my day, of course, I could do nothing else but lay on the couch, surf the net, and sip on some Barbie juice bask in the glow of a completed project.

Well, I could have celebrated by doing some strength training and Zumba but I didn't and that's a whole other subject. Anyways, the shoes....

I'm already thinking about covering the entire shoe (the metallic is a little bit beat too) or covering another pair entirely. I feel more confident now with the x-acto knife and mod podge. The second shoe looks so much better than the first shoe. I know the 2nd pair is going to be fab u lous.

How should I rock them? 
Should I take it to the next level and cover the entire shoe? 
What crafts are you working on?
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