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5 Reasons to Wear Gray Jeans This Summer

Blue jeans are so easy and multipurpose that I end up throwing them on frequently. That's rather boring which is why I've been on a thrift hunt for gray denim. Still easy and multipurpose but cooler - literally and figuratively. 

5 reasons to wear gray jeans this summer

They've been on my mental thrift wish list for a few months. I hit the jackpot with new Joes Jeans from my Memorial Day thrift haul. Right size and right color. Here's 5 reasons to add them to your summer wardrobe.

gray jeans outfit

1. It's like wearing black jeans but better.

I've owned 2 pairs of black jeans in my life. I wanted that whole "slimming" effect and my fashion fickle was likely up over several days of blue jeans wearing. Lint magnet. I'm sure there are black jeans that don't attract lint but the thrift store didn't have any in my size that day. 

gray jeans worn with black and silver

2. Matches everything just as well as blue.

Is it odd that I chose a black top as a first choice for grey jeans that will go with anything? I thought so considering I rarely wear black. Grey jeans are a work horse much like blue denim. They will match everything that goes well with blue and everything that goes well with black. So to recap, everything you own will match grey jeans. 

3. Minor change for all black / all white fans.

I am not an all black wearing kind of girl but if you are and you want to incorporate a little color. Grey is the perfect choice. Pop of pink lipstick optional. Grey is that minor change for white wearers too. I don't do white jeans either. Those Tory Burch ones sold fast on eBay to someone who must have a magic spell to repel all dirt and stains. 

gray jeans outfit ideas

4. It is chic.

I admit it. I read a fluff piece that said Kate Moss only wears grey jeans and I thought it looked super fabulous. That's when they went on my thrift wish list. I feel very Parisian chic in mine. Effortless and pulled together. 

5. Lighter for summer.

When I wear jeans in hot weather, they start to sag and feel really gross in the heat. Grey jeans aren't as heavy and the lighter color will attract less heat.

What color are your "go to" jeans?

silver shoes worn with gray Joes Jeans
THRIFT Banana Republic silk blouse - Joes Jeans - watch cuff GIFT JustFab pumps

FYI: I was in L.A over the weekend! Did you see me on Instagram?



Madam Too Much said...

I love them on you. Now they are on my list.

Unknown said...

Trying to remember if I still have those gray jeans in my closet that I haven't worn yet! My go to jeans are dark denim and red, but I do have a pair of black washed ripped jeans that make the regular rotation during the summer.

Stepping Into Sixty said...

I like black jeans - don't see many grey jeans on sale in the UK. These look good on you.

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