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{Earth Day} The 3Rs in Fashion

Happy Earth Day! If you're a thriftanista then you are already contributing to the earth's well being. Of course, there's more that can be done. Did you know 85% of unwanted clothing, footwear, and household textiles are winding up in the trash? Only 15% is reused or recycled.

Here's what can be done within the realm of fashion to show your support and love of our environment.

An Earth Day guide to reduce, reuse, recycle in fashion.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Fashion

Reduce the amount of waste you create. I'm a shopper. I shop the thrift store more than I do retail but I'm still a bit of a clothes hog. To curb that need for retail therapy, I've started shopping my closets first. I pull out things I haven't worn in a while and think of new and innovative ways to put them to use. I see if I can rock it with an unexpected color, play around with proportions, or transform it all together.

You can further reduce your textile waste by shopping for timeless, well made pieces that will last several years.
vintage jumpsuit

Reuse and repurpose. Before you throw away old clothes and shoes, think about ways to change them into something new. Perhaps you can cover scuffed shoes with fabric. Turn old t-shirts into necklaces or use them as cleaning cloths. Cover cushions with old sweatshirts and sweaters. We are in the age of Pinterest now. Let it be your guide.
modern way to wear a vintage jumpsuit

Recycle the rest.  Instead of tossing your castoffs in the trash, you can donate them to a shelter or other charitable organization like Salvation Army or Goodwill. You can make a few bucks by selling them for cash at a consignment store or have a garage sale. You can also throw a party and swap with friends. My motto, one woman's trash is a thriftanista's treasure! Pass on your gently used, outdated, or ill fitting pieces to someone else.
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What's your favorite way to love the earth?

norma kamali striped railroad jacket from thrift store
THRIFT Champagne West vintage jumpsuit - Norma Kamali jacket - Crown Vintage sandals  MAASAI MARKET handmade earrings



Katie said...

I love love love your jumpsuit! I've been wanting to try one, but I'm worried I'm not tall enough! I've been working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle as well. I love some of your ideas, especially the idea to make a necklace out of a sweater! How fun!

Ashleigh said...

Point well made! And when you can look as stylish as you look in these photos, who wouldn't want to thrift!

Hannah | The Outfit Repeater said...

Your jumpsuit is on point as are your tips. I hope more people adapt a thrifty lifestyle in the future. But not too many because I don't like a lot of competition at the thrift store! lol

-Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

Shon said...

Yes and Amen! You are on point here as always. I love the jumpsuit, the color suits you well!

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