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Mellow Yellow and Grey

Thank you beautiful one who donated this lovely yellow gingham shirt to the thrift store. It's perfect for me and perfect for the gorgeous day. It's bright like the glorious sunshine we had this weekend.

yellow grey outfit

I took a chance on the shirt and it worked in my favor. It's a size small so I automatically starting praying to the thrift gods for bust and arm room -- two of my biggest fit challenges. Due to the "boyfriend" fit though, it worked. The sleeves were a little tight when I put it on but as the day went on it loosened up. Slight gaposis on the chest that remained hidden behind the necklace except when I started taking pictures. 

outfit ideas with yellow

I'm feel winter's transition to spring in the air. I can wear fabrics like velvet which I consider a winter cloth with no tights. I can wear long sleeves without a coat and still be warm. I have never experienced this type of weather. Chicago is freezing cold and then hot for 3 months. There's not much in between. I like it.

sahm style

I don't pull out the grey skirt very often. It's a relic from the sewing days made with fabric gifted to me. I usually wear it with black or red. This is my first time time injecting a large dose of color. 

thrift style bloggers over 40

Two color pumps because I was interested in seeing how all the colors worked together. There's a bit of red and a bit of coral in the mix of yellow and grey.  It's hard for me to find a proper outfit to "match" with the shoes so I gave up on perfect and tried the whatever approach. 

yellow gingham shirt

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what's the deal with the necklace. Very proud of my handy work. Make your own with this DIY t-shirt necklace tutorial.

What do you wear with yellow?

thrift store refashion
THRIFT Gap gingham boyfriend shirt DIY necklace - velvet skirt AMAZON Seychelles pumps



Anonymous said...

That gingham shirt is a great addition to any closet. Love the yellow! #BLMGirls

Makeup Aficionada said...

Love the yellow gingham, it's different and pairs well with a gray skirt #BLMGirl

Unknown said...

oooh fun! I love thrifting. #blmgirl

Unknown said...

This approach WORKS! Very nice color coordination hun.

Thrifting Diva

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