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Pinspired Neon + Navy

This is the casual outfit I want to wear over and over again. It's a Pinterest look worn my Pink Peonies. I opted not to wear jeans as I am so tired of my winter staple. It was warm enough out to go with breezier, lighter weight navy pants.  The neon t-shirt is loose and fitted all in one. Shoes are slip on. What more can I ask for? A price tag far less than my pinspiration.

A Pinterest inspired thrift store outfit in neon and navy.

Thrifted together from the last Goodwill thrift haul, they make a good color combination as as outfit. There's the brightness of the highlighter green tee mixed with a classic - navy blue. My plan was to throw the entire haul in a suitcase so I'm not scrambling on vacation departure day. 

DIY t-shirt necklace using boys graphic tee

It got warm outside and my vacation clothes have now become my "in between" clothes. Winter clothes still on hangers. Summer clothes still packed away. The "in between" will sustain me while the spring transition is happening.

One of my favorite things about this knit top is the arm coverage. I don't like showing my full upper arms and any top that glides right over them and drapes around them gets a high approval rating from me. 

neon navy blue casual outfit

I like how Banana Republic pants fit me and I was super excited to find out that these are ankle length. They aren't pooling around my ankles and dragging on the ground as is the case with most pants when I wear flat shoes.

The tassel loafers were thrifted at an estate sale. It's a classic shoe to go with the classic pants. They're subbing for the gorgeous Prada tote my pinspiration is carrying. 

complete vintage and thrift store outfit for $25

I'm wearing one of the diy t-shirt necklaces. This one is from a boy's t-shirt and when cut up provided a nice little pop of coordinating color and draping to match Pink Peonies' outfit.

Overall, this outfit has the most departure from my other pinspired looks. It's really the color combination that truly inspired me. I love the mix of vibrant, bold color against classic navy. I'd like to try it again with other bright hues like pink or turquoise!

casual outfits for momsTHRIFT Express tee - Banana Republic pants - vintage Cole Haan tassel loafers - vintage sunglasses DIY t-shirt necklace ROCKSBOX Sophie Harper earrings - Wanderlust + Co. ring RETAIL Charming Charlie bracelet

Are you a fan of neon and navy?

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Madam Too Much said...

You look comfy and chic in this neon & navy.

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