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Plaid Dress, Belted Cardigan and Other Oddities

The plaid dress is begging for some tweaking but at this very moment is must be worn as is. It was time to step out for Sunday brunch.  Can't be late! 

Instead, I did some tucking and arranging to change the look up from the last time I wore it. I tucked the collar in and fashioned a low v-neck. Covered the puffy sleeves with a cardigan and held it all together with a thin belt.

plaid dress belted cardigan

Belting sweaters is now my new favorite. I love the look of a cinched waists. I tried it with the vintage polka dot dress and love the open cardigan look too. This time using my 4 years ago thrifted and very cheaply made "go to" belt is still going strong and slides easily to next hole post brunching.

belted cardigan

The cardigan is another rare thrift Target purchase. I really like the shape. The sleeves stretch out every time I wear it. They become big shapeless opening around my wrists. 

That's just from wearing. Not pulling the sleeves up to my fatter upper arm or anything. Yet again, I'm reminded to avoid thrift Target. Says the girl who just thrifted a really really cute $2 Target skirt.

vintage plaid dress

Tights and boots are my only retail purchases. The tights are a very thick wool and were actually too warm for the 40° day. The cold here is definitely not as major as Chi-Town. 

Yeah, I could have done without the hot boots too. I'd rather be too hot than too cold though. There aren't enough layers in the world to not make me shiver at the slightest breeze.

plaid skirt pinterest

Are you wearing plaid this winter? Belting cardigans? None of the above?

thrift store outfits
THRIFT Target sweater - vintage plaid dress - leopard print dress RETAIL Falke tights - Corso Como wedge boots

*** in other news ***

In addition to a very cute Target find, I found a  Lily Pulitzer skirt too. What should I wear it with?

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JustJewels4U said...

Love it! I'm going to style snatch this look!

laniza said...

New glasses? Nice remix of the dress this time around.

Carrie Anne / Little Big said...

Fabulous combo!

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