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Top 5 Thrift Stores in Chicago

In the almost 4 years of this blog's existence, I have never listed my top thrift stores in the Chicago area. It's getting down to the wire with my move and I'm thinking about all of the great times I've had in these thrift streets! Here's my list including location, why it's so fab, tips, and my favorite find from the store.

top chicago thrift stores

Top 5 Thrift Stores - Chicago

Unique Thrift Store - 4445 Sheridan Road 
I've visited several Unique locations and this one has the best selection. It's big. It's well organized. There's a 50% off sale every Monday. The store has definitely improved since being bought by Savers in 2012. There's a 7 day exchange policy. No more construction paper price tags with staples to pull out. You still have to try everything on at one of the public mirrors though.
My tip: Try on at the men's mirror. There's less competition. Beware the occasional creepy peeping guy.
Favorite find: Diane von Furstenberg classic wrap dress

diane von furstenberg dress thrifted

Village Discount Outlet Roscoe Village - 2043 W Roscoe
This store has a great location. Nice boutiques all around. The store itself is a mess. A little dirty. A lot disorganized. Great prices though and I can always unearth a treasure or two. They have a half off sale at least one weekend a month.
My Tip: If you park in the free lot, never ever visit another store before leaving the Village lot. You will be towed.
Favorite find: vintage sequin tunic 

thrift store sequins

Savers Forest Park - 639 Elgin Ave
Clean store with low traffic. I went on a rare 50% off day and the traffic was still pretty decent. Prices are a bit higher but the quality of the merchandise is usually good. They also have a 7 day exchange policy. Major plus. Oh and dressing rooms!
My tip: Get on email list and take advantage of the sale dates.
Favorite find: Coach bag

thrifted coach bag

Goodwill Northbrook - 4131 Dundee Rd
Another clean store with low traffic. They also have a decent selection of designer merchandise. The locked cabinet usually has good buys in it. No hunting required.
My tip: Make a day trip out of it. There's a Savers and Salvation Army in the same area too.

diy thrift store romper

Salvation Army Morton Grove - 6715 Dempster St
It's far from the city but it's worth the drive. They have a large furniture and housewares selection. They've done a bit of sprucing on this store so it's not as grimy. The prices are reasonable. It's a great place if you like to dig.
My tip: Skip the new Target unless you absolutely must have it. The thrift store prices aren't too far from the Target price.
Favorite Find: vintage maxi skirt

vintage maxi skirt

Are you a Chicago thriftanista? What's your favorite store?



Unknown said...

I'm intrigued by the one you mentioned in Forest Park. I used to live in the 800 block of Elgin and had no idea there was a thrift store nearby!

Unknown said...

Great tips Troy! I will need to make a day out of it and try to get to as many as possible. :)

Unknown said...

This was great. Sad to read you're moving. Much success in you're new city!

Ashleigh said...

I am definitely going to visit some of these when I get up that way!

Unknown said...

Great article. Hope to visit area soon.

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