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Perfect Fit Jeans Under $10

Jeans are key to my SAHM casual style. When I was out in the work world I only had 2 - 3 pairs in constant rotation. Hanging with a toddler, clothes get dirty fast so I have no less than 15 pairs at a time. Whenever I spy a great pair, I buy them because they are thrift gold to me. It's hard finding the perfect pair that has everything I need in terms of fit, style, and price.

perfect fit jeans under $10

Before thrift shopping, I bought my jeans from Old Navy exclusively because a.) they fit my budget, b.) I knew the style that fit me perfectly, and c.) the quality was good. Somewhere along the line, my body changed and so did Old Navy's selection.

The jeans I'm currently wearing are super skinny jeans. I stopped wearing skinnies for a while because they rarely fit me due to the low rise trend which only covers half of my butt. I lucked up with these BDG jeans. They're mid rise and higher in the back so I have great butt coverage even when sitting.

nordstrom lion sweatshirt

Now that I spend a lot of time in thrift stores, I've discovered that I can have my old school great fitting Old Navy jeans and try out new styles too. The icing on the cake being that they cost substantially less. All under $10 and I can even experiment with designer brands like Joe's and Tory Burch!

In addition to having great prices, there are other benefits to buying jeans secondhand:

thrift store jeans

Most are Pre-Washed

Have you found a perfect pair of jeans and then have them change after the first wash? They no longer fit the same and the color isn't what it used to be. With secondhand jeans, most likely they've already been washed so you know what they will look like all broken in.

apepazza silver bootie wedge

Your Favorite Style is Still Available

As trends come and go, your favorite style may not become readily available. Just because the style has changed doesn't mean you no longer wear it. If the cut is right on you before the trend, it will still look good on you after the trend and let's not forget how trends repeat quite regularly.

Buying jeans at a thrift store gives you the option of experimenting with several brands all at once. There are hundreds of styles in every size but don't dare use the labeled size to determine fit. You have to try them on.

thrift style

You Can Afford to Tailor 

Well tailored clothes can turn the mediocre to amazing. If the hem or waist need a little adjusting or you want to go from boot cut to straight, you can have a tailor do that for you with all of the money you saved buying thrift. You can also skip the tailor and diy a jeans hem or skinny too!

Have you found your perfect pair of jeans?


THRIFT BDG jeans - vintage earrings RETAIL Nordstrom lion sweatshirt - Apepazza silver wedge booties 

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