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Where I Profess My Love of Cinch Belts

As if this button up shirt didn't have enough going on with rhinestone buttons, velvety corduroy shoulders, and an abstract animal print. Nope simply not enough. You know what this top needs? A bead and sequin cinch belt!

vintage blouse on thrift fashion blog

how to wear a cinch belt

Cinch belts are the bees knees because:

1. It nips in the waist a smidge giving everyone that coke bottle shape. It defines the waist even if your post babes waist ain't what it used to be.

2. It's the perfect accessory to incorporate a little vintage style to your modern look. I wore way less "old clothes" in my work casual days. It's an eye-catcher but not what the eff is she wearing.

3. It can be the razzle dazzle to your standard top and jeans combination. White shirt and jeans has to be one of the easiest and stylish outfits there ever was and yes, you don't need to add anything to it. It's can be fun to add a twist cinch every once in a while though, right?

cinch belt style ideas

I tried the outfit without the belt because I felt like I was doing the most. While I liked the look without the belt, I just prefer the belt. It has sequins and you know how I feel about sequins.

animal print shirt worn with a cinch belt

I haven't seen them around the thrift stores much lately. I went through a cinch belt hoarding phase so I have a small collection. I think they were all plucked during the rise of eBay which is where I picked this one up.

thrifted joes jeans worn with cinch belt

Do you need a cinch belt in your life? Check The Thriftanista Closet. You won't see this one just yet. I want to enjoy it a little bit longer. 

What say you? Yes or no to the cinch belt?

thriftanista in the city wearing thrifted outfit
THRIFT Segreta button up blouse - Joe's Jeans EBAY 80s sequin belt RETAIL Nine West oxfords


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