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Thrift + Style: Colorful Print Pants

I bought these colorful paisley print pants or as I like to call them "my crazy pants" back when I was an infrequent thrift store shopper. I bought them because I simply liked the pattern. They are a tad too big so I don't wear them much. Plus they wrinkle in the wash.

thrift and style ideas for colorful print pants

This summer, I have a couple more inches on my waist so they are less big on me. Yay....and boo. I "altered" them by folding over the elastic waist so they aren't as baggy in the crotch and rolling up the pant leg to make them more everyday casual with a side of what-the-eff-is-she-wearing.

how to wear paisley pants


Don't let the size deter you from purchasing. You can do real alterations or bootleg ones like I did.

Just say yes to elastic waist. I'm on a personal mission to see that everyone gives elastic waist a try!

If the 90s calls, do pick up! We loved colorful print pants in the 90s.

Pockets are great on just about everything except a rayon fabric that balls up in the wash thereby making your pockets a jumbled, dimply ball hanging on the sides of your thighs. Don't buy if you are anti ironing like me.

colorful pants style ideas


Overstated bottoms? Understated top. Stick with neutral colors.

If you have sequins though then give it a try because sequins are pretty.

Wear a color explosion on your bottom only if you're comfortable showing it off. 

thrifted pants worn with silver shoes and black tee

Remember last week's rock your thrift style post? Wear your hot girl shoes!

When in doubt, rock a denim shirt. It goes with everything.

silver pointy toe shoes worn with colorful pants
THRIFT Diana Marco paisley pants - leather clasp belt RETAIL black tee GIFT silver pumps - bangles

***in other news***

Visited some estate sales on Friday. Missed out on $5 brand new in the box Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals because of a customer service issue. I'm still crying over those lovelies but I did buy a vintage leather camera case that fits my Nikon perfectly.

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