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Thrift Haul: Ferragamo, costume jewelry, 80s fashion

As far as thrift hauls go, this is one of my favorites. I checked out 2 neighboring estate sales and found some great treasure. When I shop, I buy what I like and think about whether it fits me or my life later. Turns out the majority of this haul was meant for other Thriftanistas and are now for sale in The Thriftanista Closet.

Vintage 80s Sunglasses

Hi, my name is Troy and I'm addicted to sunglasses. There was a time when I could not find a pair to fit my face correctly and worked with my budget. Now I spot sunglasses every time I thrift and can't resist just one (or more) pairs.

These 2 are brand new with the tags still on them. I cracked the frame on the bottom pair so I'm going to keep those for myself. Nothing a little gorilla glue can't fix!

vintage 80s sunglasses for sale in The Thriftanista Closet

80s Bomber Jacket

It's part bomber. Part Michael Jackson Thriller. I couldn't resist the shoulders!

80s bomber jacket with shoulders like Michael Jacket Thriller

80's Patchwork Leather Purse

The multicolor purse caught my eye first for obvious reasons. All the colors! I thought it would make a great camera bag but I think the strap is too thin to carry the weight of the camera without eventually tearing it up.

80s leather bag for sale on etsy The Thriftanista Closet

The beige and tan one has a nice fat strap but not enough room for the camera. Womp. Womp.

80s leather crossbody bag for sale in etsty store The Thriftanista Closet

Whiting & Davis Mesh Coin Purse

Adorable little, dainty coin purse. All of my coins would tear this bag up. It's more of a collector's item or a cute o.b. carrier?

Whiting & Davis mesh purse for sale etsy The Thriftanista Closet

Black Suede Ferragamo Pumps

The last pair of Ferragamo pumps I bought sold well on eBay so I bought these! I didn't really understand how special these shoes are until I tried these on. They feel great and they're timeless. The signature buckle Ferragamo pumps aren't really my style. 

suede Ferragamo pumps for sale in etsy The Thriftanista Closet

Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry

I sense a collection forming for me. The big shiny rhinestones earrings are perfect for a bit of sparkle everyday. They can be seen when I wear my hair down which is most of the time. 

thrifted costume jewelry vintage coro signed

The only items I didn't take a picture of is a London Fog anorak and a Mr. Mort vintage brocade dress from the 50s / 60s. They are both pretty dirty and in need of stain treatments. I'll show them to you later when they're all cleaned up.

What treasures have you found lately?

*** in other news ***

Use code "THRIFTANISTA" now through Labor Day for 25% off of purchases in my etsy store!

Hope you have relaxing holiday weekend!



Ashleigh said...

I found a vintage Coach bag but I gave it to my Momma as a gift. I love those earrings they are so bright and colorful!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks Ash! I love Coach bags they are never out of style especially the classic ones.

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