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Audiobooks You Should Read

One of my goal's last year was to read more. I didn't. I have such a short attention span now and it's very hard for me to focus on reading books which used to be one of my favorite activities. I always had one or 3 books going at all times. Now my hands are always busy with other things like cooking, cleaning, driving, and social media addiction activities! 

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I do listen to audiobooks though. Last year, I "read" some really good books. Good ones being the ones that I never wanted to end. The ones I woke up thinking about. The ones I stayed up late listening too. The ones everyone should read.

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Best Audiobooks Read in 2013

American Rose A Nation Laid Bare: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee by Karen Abbott

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It's a biography of famous burlesque dancer -- Gypsy Rose. I have a different biography of Gypsy Rose on my bookshelf because I've always been intrigued by burlesque. It's such a subtle sexy. I learned so much about the history of vaudeville, the Great Depression, and stripping before the pole!


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

I've wanted to read this book since the days of Oprah's Book Club. I've had the book for a while but never actually opened it. It's a Pulitzer Prize winning novel telling the story of a Greek heritage hermaphrodite while weaving in several real historical events. This is one of the few books I wanted to actually read again. Maybe this year I'll read it with my eyes.

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Oryx and Crake MaddAddam Trilogy, Book 1 by Margaret Atwood

Sci-fi dystopian novels are one of my favorite genres. I didn't know this about myself until I read The Year of the Flood, the second book in the trilogy a few years ago. Margaret Atwood is an amazing writing. Her vision of what our world could become was super creepy and seems totally plausible. I'm on a crazy long hold list for the 3rd book in the trilogy -- MaddAddam. Seriously considering an Audible subscription to get it faster.

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Are you a fan of audiobooks? Have you read any of my favorites?

Btw, there's nothing particularly fabulous about what I'm wearing and definitely no thrift haul during this arctic cold snap. I'm staying cozy and warm inside and I've completed my first audiobook of the year which prompted this random post. Have you read Getting Mother's Body?


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ChickPool said...

Haven't read any of those, but I might try the Gypsy Rose one. I was in a book club, so I read ALOT over the past year. Right now I'm reading "A Strange and Bitter Fruit" by Barry Davis. It's so good. If you're not into slavery & redemption, then don't pick it up! Lol!

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