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Bucking Trends and Fashion Rules

I wore a crop top at almost 40 and white pants after Labor Day and lived to tell the tale. Continuing my theme of bucking trends and fashion rules, I played around with some of my favorites - sequins, menswear, and animal print all at the same time.

vintage earrings and a trendy sequin crop top


It wasn't until I visited my mom in Vegas that I discovered how alike our fashion tastes are. I spotted a gorgeous sequin vest in her closet. She said she got it from the Liberace Museum liquidation sale and told me to take my mitts off of it I could not have it. It's like we're living a parallel life searching out sequins and sales. She's a thrifter and department store sale queen. As a consolation prize, she bought me a sequin top for my birthday.


Remember the most unflattering pants ever? Well, I may have a new winner. I lurve seriously lurve the 3.1 Phillip Lim tuxedo pants I thrifted last year. I don't understand them though. I don't know if they're too big or if they're supposed to be this slouchy? The mannequin looks great in them! She doesn't have stumpy legs so..I put them on eBay a few months ago. No takers. They retail for $375 so I pulled them out for a second look. Nope still not working. Back to eBay they shall go.

panther pumps

Animal Print

The pumps are a recent find and I had one of those fall out in the aisle moments when I saw them because I do not own a pair of animal print high heels. Shocking. The panther pumps are in great condition too. No bald patches on the calf skin or jacked up heel caps. As my left foot is a half size bigger than my right, left big toe is not so thrilled about this purchase. To ignore big toe or sell?

black and gold sequin top

What rules are you bucking? What trends are you creating?

sequin top ideasTHRIFT vintage earrings - vintage sunglasses - 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers - White House Black Market panther pumps FREE sequin crop top

thrift store designer clothes 3.1 phillip lim


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