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Thrift + Style: 80s Skirt

Dressing up on my birthday presented some challenges. 1) I have very few clean clothes right now. 2) I become confused for a few days EVERY month and a simple thing like choosing an outfit becomes very challenging. 3) Since I was going on a date with my husband, I wanted short and tight but still classy man friendly attire. 

sequin crop top worn with a maxi skirt

In my confused state, I rummaged through my nearly bare closet and found a thrifted red skirt from my vintage thrift haul. As luck would have it, my mom's birthday gift was the perfect companion to the skirt.  Given the challenges of #1 & #2,  I absolutely missed the mark on #3. Sequins and a long skirt ain't the business as far as E is concerned but it's my birthday so I wore it anyway. Otherwise, I would probably still be staring off into the closet. See #2.

vintage 80s maxi skirt

Thrift Tips

sequin top worn with red maxi skirt

Ignore size labels. Clothing sizes differ from brand to brand and definitely from decade to decade.

There's no shortage of fugly 80s skirts at the thrift but if it appeals to you, grab it. Fugly can be made beautiful.

Neon was big in the 80s and it's trending now. Thrift one for real cheap.

Same thing with floral or jean skirts. If that's how you get down, the thrift store is your friend.

Style Tips

black sequin crop top

A vibrant red skirt is a standout piece on its own but feel free to kick it up another level with sequins. I did!

Give your 80s skirt a fresh new look with a trendy top and fabulous shoes.

A skirt with a bold psychedelic 80s print can carry your entire look. Keep the rest of the outfit simple.

A high waist skirt looks great with a fitted tee.

crop top outfit ideas
THRIFT 80's Tuttamaglia Gispa maxi skirt - vintage Fassbender black satin clutch GIFT black sequin crop top - diamond studs EBAY Gianni Bini leopard print platform sandals

****In other news****

The thrift finds giveaway ends tonight. Have you entered?

Ty of Words & Wardrobes put together a directory of brown girl bloggers. If you're looking for additions to your new feeder (rip Google Reader), check it out!

Did you see the instagram of my awesome birthday gift? I now own a dslr camera! Do my pictures look different? I'm still operating in auto mode. I have lots to learn.

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thrift and style maxi skirt


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