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Fashion, Festivals, and the 4th of July

I don't know about you but my 4th of July long weekend plans include food, festivals, and lazing about as much as one can with a toddler. I will be wearing flowy tops and elastic waists to protect the 4 day food baby.

4th of july outfit ideas

My outfit is inspired by the 4th -- red lips, white and blue striped blazer. Stepped outside and it's cold and rainy. Really, Chicago? Really? The hawk went right through the silk blazer and peeptoes. I ran back to the indoor station!

thrifted Talbots blazer

The rest of the day was spent making a big pot of soup with jacket hanging on the back of a chair and wedges by the door hoping the sun would miraculously appear. It did not.

Once my soup making and devouring was complete, I camped out in front of tv and computer for the rest of the evening. Womp. Womp.

boxy blazer

Bright skies and warm temps are planning to return to the city so maybe there's a chance to wear my dumpster dived boxy blazer this weekend. I've had it over a year. I only recently had it dry cleaned but I can never find a good time to wear it. It needs cool (not cold) evening air and fireworks!

The white tee is my old faithful. Having a v-neck and frilly flower cutouts are the perfect simple but girly touches to a basic tee.

jeans with floral toms wedges

Y'all, I found mid rise jeans. Apparently Urban Outfitters makes mid-rise and high-rise at a pretty reasonable price. I found these while thrifting at Unique but I'm tempted to buy more at the store. On sale, of course.

TOMS wedges were found with the jeans. I wasn't sure about them. I thought I had gotten over my wedge fetish. I was drawn to the bright flowers and when I slipped my foot into the padded footbed? Ooooweee. Sold!

So assuming our weather gets itself together, this is what I will be wearing on the 4th!

red white and blue outfit
THRIFT Talbot's blazer, $0.50 - Gap tee, $2 - BDG jeans, $3 - TOMS floral wedges, $4 - white bangle, $0.10 GIFT Stella & Dot bangles

What will you be doing and what will you be wearing?

4th of July fashion
Zara v neck top, $9.99 / Band of Outsiders, $357 / True Religion jeans, $260 / TOMS shoes, $91 / Paralux bangle bracelet, $75 / J.Crew j crew jewelry, $22

***In other news***

The winners of the thrift finds giveaway have been chosen. Erinn of the Bayarean won the Coach Derby, Ellen won the Balmain wallet, and April of Knocked Up Fabulous won the bangles! Congratulations!



Unknown said...

Love this blazer! Please pass along if you done with it! LOL

14th Street Vintage said...

Well look at that beautiful smile!

laniza said...

You had me cracking up with the hawk comment, haha! Anyways, I can't believe your thrifting luck! Toms!!

PhotoStory Collections said...

Love this! and that red lip fits you. I was wondering how comfortable those TOMS wedges were. WIN

Goody said...

tres cute!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is super the blazer!

Anonymous said...

cute blazer! a good look for the 4th..

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Loving the Toms! I wasn't too festive clothing-wise for the 4th. I'm hoping to improve on this next year and get the kids involved too. I got Moo a 4th of July shirt and then couldn't find it. Talk about a mommy fail.

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