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Most Unflattering Pants Ever and How I Wore Them

I am wearing the most unflattering pants ever. I like cargo pants and thrifted a few pairs last year. I wanted to experiment with the trend. These are the only ones I have left. The others were re-donated. I love the peg legs on these so I kept them. However, everything else about the cargo pants are bad, blah, and unfortunate for my curvy body type - low waist, pleats, and side pockets that extend to front of my thighs. 

neon tee worn with a tie dye scarf

I've worn them with heels and with flats. I've tried blouse untucked, tee tucked, half tucked button-up shirts, a tunic, and a belt in the belt loop. They just don't look good in the crotch, waist, hip area. If I go with a longer top to cover the offending area, the proportions don't work. Despite the mismatch, I still wear them. 


Because I really like these pants!

green cargo pants

I'm sure they look great on somebody. Perhaps a waif with tiny hips and thighs with legs a mile long?

army green utility pants

Being none of those things, I am trying to make them work. My hope is that the bright neon tee on top and brightly colored sandals on my feet will draw attention from the jumble going on in the middle. 

neon tee worn with cargo pants

Life is really too short to wear crappy pants but as I said before. I. Really. Like. These. Pants. I know something ain't quite right but I still rock them with all the confidence I had wearing the neon skirt

ideas for wearing cargo pants

The next time I find myself shading someone's outfit choice, I'll have to remember how I feel about these cargo pants. I like them very much and maybe that's how that person feels too.

how to wear peg leg pants
THRIFT Old Navy neon tee - Anne Taylor Loft GIFT Kenyan sandals STREET VENDOR Kenyan scarf

Do you have unflattering clothes in your closet?

thrifted cargo pants worn with beaded sandals


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