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Brain Dump VI

I had so much fun this weekend thrifting and dining with family and friends. Now that the week has started back up, I am behind on my blog posting and laundry. Since I'm pretty much out of clean clothes, I'm going to take a day or two to tackle it all and leave you with a BRAIN DUMP.

If you drive 2 hours to go apple picking, one should probably call ahead to find out if they still have apples.

I made a dozen apple donuts disappear within 24 hours.

I love having travel adventures.

Did you know the creator of barbed wire lived in DeKalb, IL? Me neither.

My google rank finally went up.

Due to my low supply of clean clothes, I wore the Old Navy camos back to back and I am not ashamed. 

The lovely team at Salvation Army had gift bags for our Thriftanista Social Club meetup.


I vlogged my haul from the weekend. I'm am super excited about the 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers (retail $325). They're a little big and definitely not cropped on my stumps. They will require tailoring.

I'm afraid to do it myself though so once I put them in the "tailor" pile to age for a few months, I'll probably end up selling them.

link to latest thrift haul vlog
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