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Vintage Fringe Dress

I thrift for vintage dress finds like this one. It was a big jumbled mess on the hanger but it had so much vibrant color that I had to take a closer look. It didn't have hanger appeal but I knew that fringe was special. I added it to my keep pile and rolled home with it.

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I didn't try the dress on when I got home either. I washed it and put it away for a warmer day. This weekend,  I struggled through my workout and let me my mind wander to what I wanted to wear. It was a gorgeously sunny day so I knew I had to put on a dress. After about 50 imaginary wardrobe changes, I remembered the fringe trim vintage dress.

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I pulled it out and gagged over how amazing the batwing sleeves and the cowl neck are. It reminds me of something Helen Willis would wear on The Jeffersons. The stripes also remind me of Kenyan kikoy fabric. It's knobby and textured. All that and pockets too! Such a beautiful piece and it looks so much better on the body than on a hanger.

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Sadly, it's a little big in the hips and I know it will just get dusty in my closet waiting for me to take it in. You can find it in the

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What I Wore: vintage Sybil California fringe dress (thrift store) - Aldo boots (Amazon) - Africa earrings (Kenya)

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