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6 Tricks To Revive a 'Meh' Thrift Find

We all have those thrift store scores in our closet that haven't seen the light of day since the day it was brought home. You loved it enough to buy it but not enough to wear it. Perhaps it has a some small imperfections. Maybe you can't decide what to wear it with. Here's what you can do to refresh and revive the drab.

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Give it a good steam.
My go to clothes don't require ironing. If it needs to be pressed it will probably end up on the dark untouched side of the closet. A good steam can release those deep wrinkles in fabric that happen when a garment is balled up in a plastic bag and carried around in someone's car for months before making it to the thrift store. I prefer steaming to ironing. I find it less labor intensive and you don't end up with scorch marks or weired creases.

Change the color.
This is a great option for thrift store black or white clothing. Fading happens. Make black clothes blacker with a dye job. I dyed faded print dress and it looked a thousand times better than the drab color it was before. Whites stain so easy. You can dye them to a new safer color that will also hide a stain.

Shave it.
A sweater with little fuzzy pill balls can be given new life with a good shave. Grab a razor and lightly move it over the fuzzies to give it new life.

Tailor it.
Proper fit will completely change the look of a garment. I do not like spending money so this is normally not my first choice but a few tweaks from a skilled tailor can make all the difference. A custom fit can update those older pieces that have fallen out of fashion. This is also a good option for classic pieces that you plan to have a while like coats, blazers and work attire.

Buff and shine.
Give leather shoes new life with a good clean and sanitize. Condition, polish and shine them up. I have black suede pumps with snow damage. For a really quick fix up, I just used a black sharpie to cover the white marks. Replace heel caps for an extra new look.

replace heel cap

Keep the parts you love.
You can turn a dress into a two piece dress or a top or just a skirt. Work with the most interesting part of the garment you love. If refashion isn't your ministry, the tailor or a seamstress should be able to help you out.

dress refashion

How you you revive a thrift store dud?

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