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Silk Pajama Top Worn As Outerwear

I found what appears to be a vintage silk Japanese pajama top. It's much too fancy to sleep in so I'm wearing it as a kimono. It's a great topper for my beloved black turtleneck that I am still wearing even though we out of the deep freeze.

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Thrift stores are such a treasure trove of unique finds. This one has a beautiful floral motif, rich colors and dainty little frog button closures. It's also perfect for layering in winter and as a breezy top in summer.

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I love wandering over to the lingerie aisle for a quick peek. I think a lot of stuff gets dumped there accidentally. There are silky tops and dresses there in addition to lingerie that works well as outerwear.

It's usually a smaller aisle so breezing through as a starter or finisher to the shopping trip. You can find the right piece and probably at a cheaper price than in your go-to aisles.

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I was apprehensive about buying it because of the delicate fabric. I wasn't going to take it to be dry cleaned. My dry clean pile is almost as big as the 'to be donated' pile.

I crossed finger and toes and gave it a spin on the delicate cycle.

I'm always of afraid of color bleeding or fading when I go for silk prints at the thrift. This one held up. It didn't lose color. A bit wrinkly but it survived.

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I paired it with thrift store jeans and old red pumps from my mom's closet. I like the chunky heel on them. If you hold on to things long enough, they come back in style. 

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What have you thrifted lately?

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What I Wore:  black turtleneck (ASOS) - Levi's jeans (thrift store) - Made in Japan silk top (thrift store) - Mixed Blues red pumps (mom's closet) - handmade earrings (gift)

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