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Refashioned PJs to Cute Cropped Pants

I have been wanting to sew a pair of ankara pants for a while but I'm too lazy to make them from scratch. I opted to refashion a a pair of basic drawstring pajama style pants that I already owned. All I had to do was cut some length and take out some of the fullness.

refashion pajama pants

I have a pair of ankara pants that I normally wear around the house to lounge in. They're from the Unclaimed Baggage road trip adventure. They were big before weight loss and they're extra baggy after weight loss.

thrift fashion diy

I am still working through my closet clean up and these pants fell into that grey area. I don't want to give them up. Pink pants don't come along every day. I don't wear them outside of the house either -- too big and shapeless.

diy ankara pants

I decided to turn them ankle length cropped. I think that's the perfect length for me. I also wanted them more in the realm of athleisure instead of pajama pants so I tapered the pant legs a little bit too.

DIY Ankara Print Pants (Refashioned Pajama Pants)

pajama pants - I used african print pants for this one but scrubs in a fun print would also be a nice substitute.
tapered pants from your closet to use as template (something that doesn't have stretch)
matching thread
seam ripper
sewing machine

refashion pants
Instructions Step 1: Try pants on and mark pants just below ankle. You'll need a little room to finish the hem. Cut the pant length along marked edge. Step 2: Place a pair of tapered pants on top of the cut pants matching them up at the crotch. Working with the inside pant leg, mark the new seam line. Step 3: Open up  the seam and cut about ¼" away from the new seam line. Step 4: Fold the pant leg with the opened up seam over the other pant leg. Cut it to match. Sew the new seam lines and finish the hem.

thrift style

I figured I would give my turtlenecks a rest and opted for a neck barring sweater in vibrant pink and red hues. The DVF ankle boots were just the right height to show off the crop and leave a little ankle exposure.

african print fashion diy
What I Wore:  Color block sweater (ASOS) - Ankara print pants (Unclaimed Baggage) - Diane von Furstenberg boots (thrift store) - handmade earrings (Kenya)

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