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Vintage Dress to Top Chop

I'm still chiseling away at my overstuffed closets. I have a few donation piles. I'm slowly listing on Poshmark. I'm also doing some makeovers. Last week, it was the jewelry. I'm still not done but I'm making progress.

This week, I discovered a long forgotten vintage thrift store find - a blue and black shimmery polyester dream. I made a cut and turned it into a top.

refashion thrift store clothes

I really liked the metallic shine and I really liked the peplum. The black skirt part is kind of matronly on me so I decided to shorten it.

After I cut it off, I realized it was way too short for me. I was fine standing up but sitting down it was basically a top. So I just cut the entire skirt off and now it really is a top!

thrift style refashion

I love the old poly pieces. You can cut into them and forget about it. You don't necessarily have to finish off hems. They don't unravel. The skirt that's left acts as a lining and doesn't show so I didn't put any additional effort into cleaning up.

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Just snip. Snip. Wear.

It's now a top and if I want to bring back the black skirt all I need to do is thrift one or find the one I have. I try not to keep a lot of black in my closet. It's much more fun to play around with colors.

Black is a nice safe when all else fails choice kind of like denim.

vintage dress to top makeover

The dress is much more functional as a top. I can throw it on with jeans and it adds a little jazzy snazzy to the look which is what I did here. I added a fun statement necklace that I unearthed in my jewelry clean up.

Together they put some punch in my standard mom casual jeans, boots, and a head wrap to cover my bedhead.

thrift style blogger

Do you make the dress to top chop on your vintage finds?

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What I Wore: vintage Karat Club dress to top (thrift store) - jeans (Old Navy) - over the knee boots (JustFab) - necklace (Dorothy Perkins) - earrings (gift)

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