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Flannel Plaid Shirt With Pockets

Thrift store outfits are so much fun to pull together. I love how ever changing and unique my closet is. I thought I had left plaid flannel in the 90s but the thrift said nope. This Illa Illa shirt hit me with the pockets and I had to have it.

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Pockets on a shirt is that unicorn piece I never dreamed of finding. Now I want all tops to be this length and with huge side pockets.

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This top is tunic length and absolutely perfect for lounging around at home and going out to brunch. It could probably be worn as a dress but it's far too cold for all that leg exposure. I went with stretchy pants.

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The more leggings I add to my closet the more I want. These fall more on the pant side as they have a button and zipper closure. I don't use it though. They miraculously can be pulled up and down without touching them at all.

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The yellow jacket was a thrift impulse buy. I really liked the color. I wasn't sure of it's functionality as a proper coat as it doesn't have any closures at all. When I pull up the hood, shove my hands in pockets and wrap it around me, it's doable. Plus, the bright yellow helps bring me out of my winter hating mood.

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I don't pull out the super tall heels much anymore. I'm trying not to look dowdy in my winter casuals though. I feel so tall and glam in these boots. They have a nice high platform and chunky heel to steady my walk.

There's still the potential of total wipeout as I cannot feel the ground underneath my feet at all. I imagine this is what stilt walking is like.

What are you loving in your thrifted closet?

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What I Wore: yellow flannel jacket (thrift store) - Illa Illa plaid top (thrift store) - Ann Taylor pants (thrift store) - Betsey Johnson ankle boots (Amazon) - necklace (DIY) - handmade earrings (Kenya)

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