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Thrifted Floral Lace Top and Jeans

I am so in love with this lace top that I thrifted in Chicago. I think it's amazing that such a delicate piece managed to survive the thrift store without a single flaw and original $78 Nordstrom price tag still attached. I paid $10. Good deal. Or is it?

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Funny story about the blouse. I bought it at one of my favorite Chicago thrift stores. It was behind the counter and had a security sensor on it. The sensor was taken off and I put it in my bag. I get it home and realize there is a second security sensor on it! How did I miss that? It was a heck of a struggle to get it off but I managed to MacGyver it off without damaging the beautiful fabric.

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I'm not even a big lace fan but it is so beautifully made that I had to have it. It's so delicate and I have to be really careful not to snag it. My Fitbit band got caught while I was putting it on and my heart skipped a bit. I do think I will save it for a dressier look going forward. It doesn't fit into my kid spills and puppy claws lifestyle.

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I wore it with my new go to dark denim jeans. Old Navy has high rise jeans and short pant lengths in their online store. My life is forever changed since discovering this. I don't have to roll or tuck my pant legs with these. They fit my leg length perfectly with heels or flats. They sit high on the waist and actually cover my belly button the way I like.

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I wanted more color in this outfit so I opted for magenta pumps. I've had these shoes for years. I don't bring them out too often. They're too high. I haven't worn them since the weight loss and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my feet have lost some girth too. They weren't as tight as they usually are. They're still not a 'dance all night' shoe.

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Ever find a security sensor on you thrift find?

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What I Wore: Nordstrom Chelsea 28 lace top (thrift store) - jeans (Old Navy) - Dolce Vita magenta pumps (Amazon) - handmade clutch (thrift store) - earrings (Kenya)

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