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Sequin Tube Tops Give Great Energy

True vintage is getting rarer and rarer at the local thrift store. I was surprised to find this classic glam tube top at Goodwill. I didn't hesitate to bring it home. So much color and so much sparkle.

Sequins aren't a practical purchase at all. One thread loose and a whole row of sequins when fall off. It's the risk you take with every wear. They are super fun to wear though. They give such awesome energy to any look.

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I paired it with another one of my thrift store favorites - bell bottom jeans. They're definitely adding to the disco vibe with the super flare pant legs and super high waist. The pant length is super long so I don't have many shoe option that can take on the height. My pink metallic sandals work with the length and they're also giving more shine to this outfit. Major perk.

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Sequins tube tops make up for there fragile nature in several ways. They are a great choice for all seasons. In warmer month when you want to be as close to naked as you possibly can, a tube top will give you some stylish minimalist coverage. In cooler months, they're a great layering pieces for a button up shirt or underneath a blazer.

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Tube tops were meant for the two step. Sequins belong on the dance floor but tube tops can only handle a gently sway. Anything more is asking for a nip slip. You have an excuse to do your best shoulder shimmy and finger snaps.

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When you want to shine, definitely pull out the sequin tube. Everyone becomes completely mesmerized by all that shimmer. It's like wearing a disco ball but way more flattering.

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Sequins add instant glam. You don't need a lot of accessories. They'll go great with jeans, skirts and even leggings. It's clothing and jewelry all in one piece.

So much to adore in a simple rectangle.

Do you wear sequins?

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What I Wore: Oppettes by A. Brod vintage tube top (thrift store) - vibrant miu jeans (thrift store) - pink metallic mules (Topshop) - earrings (Nappy Nerd) - sunglasses (Amazon)

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