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A Vintage Peasant Dress To Hide the Boob Sweat

I love uncovering thrift store diamonds and then rediscovering those gems in the ruff that is my closet. The peasant dress hasn't received any love from me this entire summer. It's cute and breezy but me and white clothes just don't mix. I ended the day with a lipstick smudge and bits of my dinner dotting the front. This one may be headed for a dye job pretty soon.

vintage Mexican peasant dress from travel thrift trip to Monkies in Austin, TX
I found this vintage dress in a thrift store during my Austin thrift trip. Vintage for the most part was crazy expensive in the secondhand mecca. In comparison to some of the other shops, this handmade dress was a steal at $20. There are a few on etsy that are at least double that price.

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I love that this is a wear everywhere piece. Obviously, this dress was meant to hangout out at an outdoor concert or festival. I see this dress chilling al fresco with a glass of champagne on a rooftop deck too. I'm just doing school pick up today but I want to take it to the farmers market before summer is over.

white off the shoulder vintage peasant dress

This dress has the best details. It's off the shoulder which was a major trend this summer. You can also pull the sleeves up on the shoulders and it still works. One on and one off the shoulder looks good too.

The handkerchief hemline is funky and bohemian. I've seen this style of Mexican dress before but usually with embroidery. This one has colorful satin ribbons weaved into the patchwork lace.

thrift store outfits

This is not a style I'm normally drawn too. You know how you buy more food than you need when you're at the grocer store hungry? This dress was bought on a long, hot day in the Texas heat. The fabric is very light and airy. Plus, there's an extra layer to cover up the boob sweat going on. My eyes turned into big emoji hearts when I spotted it. It's exactly what's needed on a sweltering summer day. White clothes equal problems though.

Yes, definitely a dye job in its future.

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What have you thrifted lately?

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What I Wore: vintage Mexican peasant dress (thrift store) - vintage necklace (thrift store) - earrings (Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry) - Dolce Vita gladiator sandals (Amazon)

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