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Unclaimed Baggage Vacation Thrift Treasure

I love to thrift on vacation. One of most enjoyable trips was taking a road trip with my bestie to Unclaimed Baggage in Alabama. That store is packed with gems. It has a department store feel but you get a taste of thrift because of the lost treasures inside. The Parker dress is one of those gems.

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I thought it was going to be a problem because of the fabrics used but it's been a real soldier on the delicate cycle.

This dress was last seen at Shopbop with a retail price of $250. I like this dress a lot. It's beautifully made with silk and real leather shoulder panels. It drapes well and looks good dressed up with heels or with flat sandals. It's a great dress. I would not have dropped hundreds on it but $10 I can do.

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It's very flirty without being super revealing. It moves so well. It's breezy and the yellow graphic print is ver summer fresh.

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Great finds like this don't come along everyday. Sometimes it's nice to just pick something beautiful off of the rack that's new and doesn't need any kind of adjustment. Unclaimed Baggage is a fun store and makes a great travel destination for the thrift lovers. I definitely want to make another trek over.

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Do you thrift on vacation?

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What I Wore: Parker faux wrap dress (Unclaimed Baggage) - lucite heel sandals (Amazon) - earrings (Kenya)

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