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Thrift Shopping Your Instagram Feed

It took me a while to plunge into thrift shopping online. I'm a touch and feel kind of girl. I like finding that diamond in the rough. I like the cheap prices from doing the search and rescue myself. Sometimes a fantastic piece finds its way into my Instagram feed and I go for it. It's a bit scary making a purchase based on what is usually one image. I've had good experiences so far. Even if it doesn't fit the vision, you can still make it work.

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My first Instagram purchase was this brightly colored jumpsuit. I can't resist a good jumpsuit especially one with pockets. It's comfortable and unique. I can dress it up with heels or down with sandals. I always receive compliments when I wear it. I'm basically naked in the bathroom but otherwise a pretty great find.

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When it arrived, the elastic was a bit stretched and the pant legs were a little long. It wasn't doing anything special for me but I felt it was worth saving. I simply fixed the elastic and turned the pant legs to joggers and it is now one of my favorite Instagram boutique buys.

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If you're considering an Instagram boutique purchase, here are some tips to help you dive in.

1. Know your measurements. I hate returning things even if there is a return policy. With used clothing, most likely there won't be. Size labels vary drastically from brand to brand and decade to decade. It's better to know your bust, waist, and hip measurements for a more accurate fit.

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's your money. Don't waste it. If you have a question, quickly direct message the owner. You don't want to alert anyone of your interest. You may not be the only one loving that piece and that person can swoop in and buy before you've had your questions answered.

3. Don't follow every Instagram boutique. I go to Instagram to look at pretty pictures. Shopping is not my primary focus there. If you follow a lot of boutiques you will end up with a lot of temptations to buy and a feed clogged with images of clothes on mannequins.

4. Be prepared to mend. Your ideas of perfect and someone else's idea of perfect may be two different things. Your item may arrive with a loose button or stretched elastic. Be prepared to make adjustments. There's a Youtube tutorial for everything so easy fixes like button and hem fixes can be done at home.

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This jumpsuit was purchased from Chocolate Shop Vintage. I love her shops eclectic mix of oddities. I also bought the vintage pink dress from her shop too.

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I've also had good experience shopping with:

Blue Belle Vintage Boutique -  great selection of vintage dresses. I haven't worn the dress I purchased yet but it's a 70s polyester dream with amazing fit.
Throwback Clinic - lots of bold print tops and dresses. I purchased this classic dashiki on her page.
Angels Vintage Boutique - you have to exit Instagram to get to her site but the prices are worth it. Very affordable especially on a free shipping day. One of the dresses I bought received the dye job.

Do you thrift shop on Instagram? Feel free to list your favorite boutique in the comments.

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