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How I Refashioned An African Print Dress And Failed

It's not everyday that you come across an african print batik dress in a thrift store. It's hand sewn and had some flaws but I bought it anyway. The refashion was way more involved than I thought and I probably should have left it behind. The fabric was just so yummy though.

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I rarely find african prints at the thrift. It's like finding a unicorn. I tried it on and thought it was a little big in the bodice but could work. After the wash, I tried it on again and notice the straps aren't flush. The placement isn't even. They will need to be moved. I chose to just get rid of them because that was the easy button.

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I tried it on again and realized one side was particularly bulgy. The bodice was not just big but one side had a slight C shape. Argh. This dress is a mess in a pretty package. I turned the side to the back and that was a better fit. That bulgy part worked great with the bust. I added some elastic in front to quickly gather the fabric and create some shaping.

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Then I took in all of the bodice seams a bit to get a closer fit and just when I think I'm done doing some very minor changes....

The friggin' zipper breaks. The slider cracks in half in my hands. Now I just want to throw it in the trash. Zippers aren't my strength. I turn off my iPad. Read zipper instructions a million times then commence to insert with shaky, sweaty hands. Inserting a zipper into an already made garment is something I've never done and I was not mentally prepared for it.

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I got it in. The zipper is jacked up though. It's puckered and the invisible zipper is definitely not invisible.

F this bodice. This dress will soon become a skirt!

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This is a refashion fail but it looks pretty good from the front so I'll wear it today.

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What I Wore: african print dress (thrift store) - earrings (secondhand gift) - bracelet (Kenya) white Guess Flashee sandals (Macys)

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