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Never Say Never White Linen Dress

Why would anyone thrift a white linen dress? It is the opposite of carefree summer living. You can't wear it to a barbecue with all of the bbq sauce flying around. The wrinkles are a pain to iron out and will return immediately upon movement. White linen is not a good idea but here's why I thrifted the dress anyway.

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Reason #1: It was fifty cents. The price was a big draw for me. I don't buy any old crap no matter how cheap it is. For that budget friendly price, I got good bones. It's lined. It's made of a natural fiber that can be washed. It's clean and classic. The dress has a lot going for it at a dirt cheap price.

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Reason #2: Column dresses are on my thrift wish list. I've been on the hunt for long maxi skirts that aren't so full and billowy. This dress will do. The classic shape is hard to come by in a casual piece. Slim fit is what I'm on for summer.

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Reason #3: It can be refashioned. I do love a good dye job. Linen soaks up dye very well and is just perfect for dyeing. I can move the back split to the side. I can turn it into a top and skirt. There are many things that can be done with this one dress.

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Reason #4: I actually like white clothes. This is something I've recently discovered. I've shunned it for so long out of fear. I love the way it looks when paired with bright colors. However, with my love of red wine and coffee, I'm sure to get a drop on me. Not to mention the little one's sticky little fingers and littles messes. These factors make it hard for me to stay clean the entire day.

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I'm happy to say that I made it through the day without a single stain but the wrinkles are plenty. Still, not too bad for a fifty cent dress.

Do you wear white linen? How do you remain stain and wrinkle free?

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What I Wore: column dress (thrift store) - Steve Madden sandals (Amazon) - vintage ring (thrift store) - handmade beaded jewelry (Kenya)

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