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Lounging Around in Vintage Maxi

Sears calls it loungewear. I call it a muumuu and one of the most fab thrift finds ever. I love muumuus, caftans, and maxi dresses. On extremely hot days, this is all I want to wear. It's a keeper.
This is the kind of dress I want to wear all summer. It's so airy and light. The fabric just floats and sways when I walk.

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Loungewear today just looks like pajamas. This piece can go either way. Besides being a super easy wear, it has a nice deep side pocket. It's like finding gold. Not really but functional pockets are a joy to have. 

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You know it's a good thrift find when you have someone following you around hoping you'll put it down. It's one of those vintage pieces that don't come along very often in a thrift store. Fast fashion is taking over.

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This dress was kind of expensive at $9. I searched around the internet trying to find something similar because it's just that perfect in it's simplicity. I know if I find a similar style it won't be as cheap as this one. Thrift stores are still the best deal in town.

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As I am in my easy maxi dress, I went for my easy sandals. Neutral color. Simple style. It's too hot for a lot of fuss so the only jewelry I wore is a pair of delicate beaded earrings in red.

Is loungewear on your summer wish list?

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What I Wore: vintage Sears loungewear dress (thrift store) - Steve Madden sandals (Amazon) - earrings (Kenya)

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