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7 Denim DIYs To Try

I'm so glad we're in the age of diy denim. Denim is a great fabric to wear and play around with. Because it's such a resilient fabric, it's perfect for distressing and embellishing.  It looks great most of the time. There was that one time Topshop sold those clear knees mom jeans. It wasn't good. Other than that, denim is a good choice for everyday casual to a night out on the town.

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Today's denim du jour is another fabulous $1 find from Just A Dollar thrift store. It's where I found the black vintage dress and the white linen dress. All of the pieces I've found there have been in steady rotation.

I bought the denim skirt because I liked the high waist and it wasn't super mini. The only flaw was a break in the gold contrast topstitching. Instead of fixing it, I opted to just cut the entire bottom hem off.

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It frayed up very well as only vintage denim can do. I ironed on a few patches to the back pocket for an extra diy touch.

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This was a super easy way to diy. No sewing involved and it solved a problem. Need more diy denim inspiration? Try these.

Turn a flare pant leg into a straight leg.

Change up the pant length and still keep the original jeans hem.

You can add a vibrant overlay to a vintage denim romper.

You can refashion an elastic waist denim skirt into an asymmetrical wrap.

Make a sturdy and stylish cleaning smock if you have some sewing skills.

Take a zen moment and fringe out the bottom hem of jeans.

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What I Wore: Aldo Fernando crop top (gift) - vintage Calvin Klein skirt (thrift store) - beaded thong sandals (Kenya) - handmade earrings (Kenya) - sunglasses (Amazon)

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