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5 Ways to Squeeze Exercise Into Busy Lives

I won't beat a dead horse but I'm still not feeling formal exercise routines. It must be done though and I'm proud of the shape my body has been whipped into. If I can't have a proper exercise session, I make sure that I'm moving more and staying active.

Music makes exercise less painful. I started out with earbuds with a cord that constantly caught on things and ripped the buds from my ears. I moved on to wireless headphones that wouldn't stay on my head especially after I cut my locs. They were also bulky and quite heavy. Therefore, I was extremely pleased with JLab Audio's generous gift of Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds. Whether long or short, my workouts are much more enjoyable.

exercise tips for busy lives

As a lazy girl, I can think of a million other things I enjoy more than working out. I power through most of the time. When I can't find the time, I still find a way to move.

A healthy lifestyle requires movement. Even if the schedule is tight or you're not ready to commit fully to an exercise regime, you still need to be active. You have to find ways to get in as much movement as you possibly can.

These simple activities have the ability get blood pumping, increase heart rate and in some cases make the sweat pour.

5 Easy Ways To Workout

Stair Climbing
If I go upstairs for something, I like to double the trip for extra step count. If you work outside of the home, take the stairs if the option is there.  If you live in an apartment building or have steps in your home, take double or triple trips up and down. Try a sprint for extra burn!

Clean Hard
Cleaning is another one of those activities I don't particularly enjoy but you just have to do it anyway. Kill two birds with one stone by cleaning with vigor. Vacuum or sweep your way to those 10K steps. Use lots of elbow grease cleaning those windows and tubs. Squat to pick up items off of the floor. Sometimes, I squat to pick up V's little crumbs from around her chair lifting one crumb at a time.

jlab audio epic2 earbuds

Take a Boogie Break
Dance like no one is watching. Sweat. Wave arms. Kick legs. Twist and turn.  No worries if you can't dance. Swing the arms and move feet from side to side. The faster you go the better.

earbuds for small ears

Bike At Your Desk
I bought a Deskcycle for my husband because he spends a lot of time in front of the computer for work. He was looking for ways to get more activity in. Biking at desk seemed like a good option for him. He loves it and uses it everyday. It's quiet, portable, and intense enough to get you sweaty. It's a great way to get off of your feet but still keep movement going.

deskcycle workout

Jump Rope
Take it old school and jump rope through an entire song. Maybe two or three songs if you have solid knees. My power song is Stronger by Cham. It's so uplifting and the dancehall beat gets me going. Jump ropes are cheap and and it's fun to do. Jumping burns major calories in a short amount of time too.

exercise for busy people

Through all of these mini workout sessions, my JLab Audio Epic2 Earbuds kept me company. I didn't have to drag my phone around from room to room while cleaning or climbing stairs. There are no cumbersome cables to get in the way of flailing arms during the boogie break. Through all of the jumping, the earbuds stayed in place with crisp, static free sound. The music didn't skip at all.

Epic2 Sport Earbuds are splash proof, sweat proof and washable so as my feet go hard on the Deskcycle, I don't have to worry about damaging them. The music still continues and will do so for up to 12 hours. That's enough for short and long workouts throughout the entire week.

fitness tips

Initially, I had one concern. How will the earbuds stay in my small ears? Obviously this is a common issue because JLab Audio had the solution. Epic2 Earbuds come with many sizes of gel tips to help achieve a custom fit. The shallow tips fit perfectly in my ear and I didn't have a problem keeping them in. They're quite comfortable too with lightweight and moldable over the ear hooks so I was able to wear them around my neck even when they weren't in use. I like having them handy in case the mood for movement strikes.

How do you add in a little fitness to your lifestyle?

Easy click Amazon links are below if you're considering new additions to your fitness routine. They are affiliate links which means I receive a small fee if you make a purchase. I thank you in advance for your support.

What I Wore: NY & Co t-shirt (thrift store) - black Lysse leggings (gift) - Ryca cross training sneakers (Amazon) - handmade earrings (Kenya)

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