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Vintage Ferragamo Block Heels

Slipping into these vintage Ferragamo block heel pumps remind me to hit up some estate sales. Lately, I've been ignoring this amazing way to find secondhand treasures. This pair is one of three I found in a hoarder house estate sale. There were boxes and boxes of new in the box designer shoes.

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I sold the other two but these didn't sale and I'm guessing it has something to do with the pearlescent beige color. It's not a fun color. It's not a neutral that you would want to wear with everything being that the color is so light. They're "old lady" shoes but block heels are on a comeback right now so i dusted them off and wore them.

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I kept them in the casual loafer zone by pairing them with my usual mom uniform -- jeans. They're from my mom's closet and the only change they needed were to be shortened. I went the simple route with a quick chop with a pair of scissors.

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I'm wearing a turtleneck that I bought on Amazon and was too lazy to return. When I was on my turtleneck kick, I bought the same one in a few different colors. This color didn't really turn out like I imagined. I wanted a brownish nude skin tone color but it's just buff and bland so I covered it up with a vintage leather jacket to complete the look.

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What do you wear with block heels?

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What I Wore: vintage leather jacket (thrift store) - turtleneck (Amazon) - mng jeans (mom's closet) - button earrings (gift) - necklace (thrift store) - vintage Ferragamo block heel (estate sale)

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