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5 Reasons To Cover Your Phone With Toast

I am never without my phone so my cover is my most used accessory. Naturally, I want something cute that also represents my style. I'm so glad Toast reached out and asked me to give their smartphone covers a try.

Toast is a five year old company that started with support from backers on Kickstarter. From that campaign they were able to purchase their first laser and get the endeavor going. In addition to making fabulous covers, they're committed to positive environmental and social action.

toast phone covers

Here's what I liked most about my Toast made cover:

The ability to customize. Toast covers come in a variety of etched designs and you can customize them further by adding text in a variety of fonts. There's also the option of uploading your own design for a great do it yourself touch. The cover will develop a patina over time that will also add a vintage touch to the cover.

wood phone covers

The covers are made of real wood. I love wood accessories so this was a major plus for me. I own wooden jewelry and heels. Now, I have a wood phone cover too.

Toast uses wood veneers sourced from responsibly managed forests in North America. The bamboo is sustainably grown in Asia. The "ebony" veneer is made from reclaimed wood fibers, pressed and stained to mimic the look of real ebony without chopping down endangered rainforests.

smartphone covers

It's durable. Toast keeps your phone protected from minor drops, bumps and scratches. They feature multiple applications of a hand rubbed finish that repels dirt and stains too.

Toast covers are ultra slim. The cover is definitely not as bulky as a case. It's very thin and isn't bulky like a lot of cases are. If I had to guess, I'd say it's the thickness of a penny.

toast made gadget covers

The cover is easy to apply and remove. Toast covers are peel and stick. They adhere to the phone and mold around curved edges and buttons easily. Should you want to remove it, the 3M adhesives come off without leaving any kind of residue.

laser cut wood phone covers

Visit Toast online at toastmade.com or connect with them via Instagram to see the entire range of  tech gadget covers available.

How do you accessorize your phone?

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