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Easy Stencil Graphic Sweatshirt DIY

Sometime I root around in my craft bins looking for inspiration and something to do. Last night, I found a never used Tee Juice fabric marker and a never used afro girl stencil so a new graphic sweatshirt was born.

stencil graphic sweatshirt

I'm basically living in sweatshirts right now. Im addicted to Hanes sweatshirts. Not only do I buy them at the thrift but I also buy them retail. The price is under $10 and the fleece inside is so soft and warm.

Sweatshirts are great for those early morning school drop offs. I can work out in them. They're perfect for lounging around all day in. I have kid sized ones for a fitted look. I have extra large ones that are great layering over other clothes and on those monthly bloated blobby days.

graphic sweatshirt

It is a basic sweatshirt though. It's not fancy but adding new details make them less perfunctory and more stylish and fun.

I bought the stencil on Amazon while I was looking for a stencil for my DIY Breakfast Tray. I didn't have a project in mind but I liked the afro. She is hair goals.

I have no idea what I planned for the Tee Juice fabric marker. That project never materialized but now that I've worked with this one I do feel like I need more of these fat markers in my craft collection. It's really simple to use and I think it contributed to the easiness of this project.

thrift store refashion

DIY Easy Graphic Sweatshirt

- sweatshirt
- fabric marker
- stencil
- iron

refashion sweatshirt
What to do: 1. Lay shirt on flat surface. Place something firm inside the shirt so that if any bleeding occurs, the back of the shirt won't get damaged. Smooth out any wrinkles. 2. Place stencil on top of sweatshirt and hold in place. You may want to pin the edges or place heavy objects at ends of stencil for more accuracy. Dot around the edges of stencil with fabric marker first. In case there's any movement, you'll already have the outline in place to line up again. Dot carefully around smaller facial features then fill in spaces. 3. Remove stencil. 4. Iron for approximately 2 - 3 minutes to set the ink.

Do you work with stencils? What projects do you use them for?

thrift style fashion
What I Wore: Hanes eco fleece sweatshirt (Amazon) - Rock & Republic lime jeans (thrift store) - Topshop pointy toe flats (Nordstrom) - earrings (Kenya)

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