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DIY Pineapple Print Coasters

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We're a quarter of a way through the new year and I'm still fine tuning what it is I want to accomplish in the new year. I've narrowed it down to a few main goals that are defined by four simple words. To help maintain focus throughout the year, I added them to a diy pineapple print coaster set I made so that I am reminded of them throughout the day.

diy pineapple print coaster set

I want to travel to new places this year. I want to take creative classes and learn new skills. I'm also committed to making a diy project a week to relax and stimulate my mind. I want to spend less time looking at a computer screen and spend more time in the outside world.

Because of all these things, I have four words that inspire me this year -- see, learn, make and do. My goals for the year are to see new things, learn new things, make new things, and do new things. I want to add to my life by living more.

diy coasters

A practical way to keep them in mind is to write the words down. I displayed my words with a little flair by adding them to a diy pineapple coaster set I made with ceramic tiles and scrapbook paper.

DIY Pineapple Print Coaster Set (inspiration words optional)

You will need:
(4) ceramic tiles
(1) sheet scrapbook paper
all purpose adhesive
clear glaze
printer and paper (to add words)

diy coaster set
Instructions: 1. Trace and cut scrapbook paper to size of coaster front. 2.  Add glue to top of tile and place scrapbook square on top.
coaster set diy
3. Type and print the words that inspire you. Cut them out. I used a craft knife for a more precise cut around loops and curves.  Add another layer of adhesive paying particularly attention to the edges. Place word on top. 4. Add more adhesive to word and glue word down. Allow to dry.  
ceramic tile coasters
5. Glue felt square to back of coaster. 6. Spray top with coat of clear glaze to finish.

starbucks creminelli snack tray

Sometimes I get so caught up in the make, do, see and learn that I forget about food and eating a balanced meal. In order to do all the things, you have to keep the body energized and healthy. Woman cannot live on words alone. Last year, I was committed to health and fitness and naturally I want to continue that path for the rest of my life.

creminelli snack tray

It can be a struggle because of the prep involved with proper nutrition. It becomes easier to make bad choices when you're reached hunger stage too. I've found that I can free up some time and plan ahead by picking up a snack while grabbing a coffee at the same time. No need to prep anything and it's ready when you're ready.

Starbucks is rocking my world right now with Creminelli Fine Meats™ Felino and Manchego Snack Tray. The protein packed meat and cheese snack tray keep me energized and focused so I can continue to do my best work and live my best life. It's quick, easy and super convenient. The thinly sliced pieces are very flavorful and satisfying.

meat and cheese snack tray

I'm a big fan of charcuterie meals that are popular in Europe. Creminelli Snack Tray is very reminiscent of that style. The mild Felino salami pairs well with the nutty Spain imported Manchego cheese. There are no synthetic nitrates in the meat. The cheese is made without added rBST in the milk.

words to inspire coasters

Each slice is hand packed into recyclable trays so they are very on-the-go friendly too. The slim tray fits in a purse or a gym bag for a post workout snack. Creminelli Snack Trays are quite handy for impromptu lunchtime picnics or when you you're at the desk working on indoor projects too.

I can't imagine a more perfect way to nourish the body and help fuel the goals.

What words inspire you? Do you focus on them everyday?

creminelli snack tray at starbucks

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