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DIY Ankara Print Fabric Bead Earrings

There's nothing I love more than using up every last scrap of my beautiful african print fabrics. This time around I made fabric bead earrings because I like to surround myself in the colorful ankara fabric every chance I get. This is a super easy project that you can bang out in under 30 minutes. That includes drying time.

diy ankar -fabric bead earrings

I basically just rolled up some triangles and attached earring hooks. I made a small and a medium template you can use if you'd like to save some time. The largest was the first pair I made and I did it freehand which is always an option too.

diy jewelry

The large orange pair measures 6" finished.
The medium blue pair measures 5½" finished.
The short black and yellow pair measures 4½" finished.

diy fabric earrings

DIY Fabric Bead Earrings

fabric scraps
end caps
earring hooks
spray adhesive
all purpose adhesive
(You should be able to find all supplies on or at your nearest Michael's.)


Cut two triangles using my template or freestyle it like I did with my original pair. Spray wrong side of fabric.
fabric bead earrings

Starting a the bottom, roll the fabric towards the point to make a tube. Tuck in tail piece and glue in place with adhesive.
ankara print earrings

Attach the earring hooks to the end caps. Glue end caps to top of tube. Use the all purpose adhesive to seal any pieces that may be sticking up or missed in the original spray.
diy earrings

What do you do with scrap fabric?

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