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Double Shirts on Double Denim

I was going for straight denim on denim but was bored with the look. The colors were too close together to be interesting and the proportions were off. The cropped shirt and low rise jeans were just showing too much skin for winter that feels like spring.

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I broke the look up with a lovely pop of red. I love this thrift store find. The embroidery is so beautiful and dainty. It was also a tad too revealing and airy for not cold but not hot spring time temperatures.

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Wearing the two tops together was just right. I have skin coverage. I have a light jacket. I have visual interest. This is my new favorite way to do denim on denim.

african beaded earrings

How do you wear denim with denim?

embroidered lace top with jeans
What I Wore: Express embroidered lace tee (thrift store) - Modbe jean shirt (mom's closet) - American Eagle Outfitters (mom's closet) - African bead earrings (Kenya) - bracelets (thrift store) - Topshop ankle tie flats (Nordstrom)

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