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Thrifted Outfit // Above Average Vintage Skirt

Polyester skirts from the 70s are amazing. I found this one doing an amazing job at being a wool blend except this puppy hasn't suffered from shrinkage, moth holes or any of those other pesky problems of natural fibers. No wrinkling or fading. It's in absolutely perfect condition.

thrifted outfit featuring a vintage skirt

I've pretty much stopped thrifting pencil skirts because they don't fit with my casual lifestyle but since this one is wash and wear, I could imagine myself pulling it on in all seasons and even pairing it with sneakers and a sweatshirt.

thrift style blogger

For the first wear, I chose my new favorite wardrobe piece - a black turtleneck. I seriously want one of these for everyday of the week. I cannot stop wearing this one. As soon as I wash it, I put it back on. Turtlenecks are the best perk of cutting hair off.

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The skirt appears to have gold threads weaved into the aqua main color but it's just the amazing texture and print of the poly. I wanted to highlight the beautiful color of the skirt so I wore gold shoes to match gold "threads" and a bib necklace that picked up the color of the skirt.

turtleneck and vintage pencil skirt

What do you wear with vintage skirts?

vintage skirt from a thrift store
What I Wore: turtleneck (Amazon) - vintage skirt (thrift store) - Reiss gold pumps ( - bib necklace ( store) - John Lee Rutledge earrings (gift) - bracelets (thrift store)

how to style vintage pencil skirt

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