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Keeping the Shoulder Pads in a Thrifted Dress

Big 80s shoulder pads aren't always a keeper on those thrift store finds but they totally work on this dress. They add a bit of edge to the floral print. I hacked a lot of length on it and that was the only change it needed. Once I shortened the length, it became a very wearable piece.

thrifted dress

The shoulder pads are quite thick but they really do shape this dress just right. They're perfectly molded unlike the shoulder pads that are as big as the ones football players wear. The other detail that attracted me to this dress was the angled suede midsection.

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I wasn't sure what to wear it with this time around. I really loved how I styled it with scarf and sweater. This year, the temps are warm so I went with over the knee boots for leg coverage instead of tights and a hat instead of a sweater.

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I'm new to hat wearing. None would fit over my locs and I'm so happy to get a little boho with the floppy hat. It's weird though. If I take it off my hair looks crazy and I have a line across my forehead. It just feels wrong to wear a hat that covers my face inside.

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Do you immediately remove shoulder pads from vintage finds? Do you wear hats indoors?

80s floral dress with big shoulder pads
What I Wore: Kwai vintage dress (thrift store) - over the knee boots ( - hat (francesa's) - handmade earrings (gift) - ring (Unclaimed Baggage)

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