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DIY Fringe Hem Jeans

It's always a struggle to find quality denim with a perfect fit. Slim-sation heard my cries and gifted me with a pair of their perfect custom fit with Shape Recovery Technology jeans. As the length was rather long, I chopped the hem and added an on trend fringe.

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This is my second pair of slim-sation pants. I can no longer fit the other pair but I was thoroughly amazed by their slimming and shaping properties.

These jeans have a tummy bulge reducing high waist and flattering fit that smooths and slims tummy, thighs, and butt giving the appearance of an instant ten pound weight loss.

My only drawbacks are the sizing and length. The jeans run big so I didn't get to fully enjoy the tummy control capabilities. The fit was loose and more like a boyfriend jean on me so I will go down a size next time.

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I'm used to long length on pants so I wasn't too surprised that they were were extremely long. I hope there's petite sizing in the works. Since I had so much length to work with, I decided to distress the hem and give the jeans a trendy fringe.

This is not a quick project. It's easy. It's relaxing. It's a great project to work on if you need to de-stress (ha, distress to de-stress). I worked on them over a few days.

diy fringe hem jeans

DIY Fringe Hem Jeans


fringe hem denim tutorial
Instructions: You simply have to unweave the fabric.  Keep all of the blue threads and remove all of the white threads. I fell into a great rhythm by 1. Cutting off the bottom hem to desired length. 2. Making four 5" cuts up the pants leg.  One at each side and on front and back of pant leg. 3. Pulling 2 or 3 blue threads away from cut.

fringe jeans tutorial

You have to cut away the white threads every few pulls otherwise they will bunch up and tangle. I used a needle to remove any tangles. They especially bunch up near the top.

What do your go to jeans look like?

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What I Wore: Free People peasant top (thrift store) - slim-sation jeans ( - Rampage peep toe shoetie (francesca's) - african print bracelets (diy) - earrings (gift)

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