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DIY Two-tone Ankara Print Pencil Skirt

The downside of weight loss is not being able to fit some of my favorite thrift finds. I loved the bright color on this orange vintage skirt. I rarely wore it because it was a little big and I needed to adjust the waist. Three years laters that's what I did. Going down two sizes made it completely unwearable as is.  Not only did I fix it but I made two ankara print skirts out of it! Here's how the magic happened.

diy ankara print pencil skirt

Both skirts are a mix of african prints and my vintage skirt. I love that I was able to get two completely different skirts. One with a bold front (or back if you prefer) and then the basic solid color in back.

thrift store refashion skirt

DIY Two-tone Skirts

1 elastic waist or stretchy skirt (mine is both)
2 cuts of fabric
matching thread
sewing machine
fitted skirt as template (optional)

diy pencil skirt

Step 1: Rip or cut away the side seams of skirt and waist / hem seams.
Step 2: Measure hips and cut a fabric rectangle. Width is hip measurement. Length is same as deconstructed skirt.
Step 3: Fold fabric in half lengthwise.
Step 4: Fold deconstructed skirt in half and place it on top. Use as template to cut fabric. If you need to downsize size, use a similar fit skirt as an additional template.
Step 5: Sew the side seams. Restitch the waistband. Finish the hem.
Step 6: Repeat for a second skirt!

skirt refashion

Is this a diy you would try?

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What I Wore: Gap sweater (thrift store) - two-tone skirt (diy) - Corso Como pumps (thrift store) - earrings (gift) - ring (rocksbox)

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