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How to Convert Clip-On to Pierced Post Earrings

I still buy clip-on earrings from thrift stores. Some of the styles are just so unique and fun. I have a special fondness for aurora borealis costume jewelry. However, the clip-on part can be a hassle. If they're loose, they fall off. Wear them too long and your ears will feel like they're going to fall off. Luckily, changing them to pierced post earrings is really easy.

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convert clip on earrings to pierced post earrings

Convert Clip-On to Pierced Post Earrings


  • clip-on earrings
  • flat pad posts
  • flush cutters
  • adhesive glue
All supplies purchased on Amazon but you can probably find all tools at a craft store like Michael's.

Instructions 1. Use the cutters to cut off the clip part of the earring. Cut until you're left with a flat surface. Cover your eyes or hold the earring away from you. My clips were airborne. 2. Glue the posts to the newly flat piece. Hold in place for a few seconds then allow to dry thoroughly before wearing.

Thrift store earrings are a great way to add a little vintage to your wardrobe. It's a small dose of retro to an otherwise current look.

The earrings I converted are old Liz Claiborne. I love the deepness of the gold tone and the shape reminds me of pineapples. I kept the outfit casual and simple with black tee and thrifted acid washed jeans. For a bit of drama, I wore my cape with Ethiopian colors.

Do you wear vintage clip-on earrings?

What I Wore: cape (gift from Ethiopia) - black tee (thrift store) - vibrant m.i.u jeans (thrift store) - earrings (thrift store) - open toe shoeties (Francesca's)

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